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You do it inch by inch. Foot by foot. Step by step. Improving your performance. The same applies to improving your blog performance. First comes knowledge. Then its application. Then the result. But, first comes knowledge. Blog performance Here are 5 posts to get you started on improving your blog achievements: 1. Many bloggers don’t know [...]


Everybody. Harmony and union to whoever you may be. Blind to creed. Race. Nationality. Religion. Beliefs. Blog. Ultimately we’re brothers and sisters. Family. I’m delighted to connect with you. May you, your family, your children be happy. Not just today. Everyday. Mac.


Anthology. An-thol-uh-jee. Noun. A collection of selected writings, usually in the same literary form, of the same period, or on the same subject. Here’s the Blogpreneur mini-anthology on key elements of layout, for your site. All of the same form: blog posts. All of the same period: within the last 3 months. All on the [...]


How is it achieved? How do you have your post show up at position one on Google? Well, for the most part, it’s not an easy thing to do. But not impossible. It’s won through search engine optimisation. SEO, for short. So, today’s end-of-year compilation of posts is on how you can start to SEO [...]


Here we go again. The end of year holiday season. It’s becoming a tradition that site owners, at this point in the calender, publish their ‘best of’ posts. Well, Blogpreneur has only been up and running for less than 3 months (started October 2011). However, I’ve wrangled together some posts published on the overall theme [...]


I didn’t anticipate being asked. About 6 weeks ago someone wrote probing me about my blog workflow. He’d noticed my blog post frequency, I scribe afresh every day, and enquired about the process. Then, on Google plus at +Blogpreneur, someone messaged me about something similar. Today I was asked again, by a third person. So, [...]


What do you want me to do next? I’m serious. I don’t know what you require of me. I go to your blog. I read great stuff. I’m very impressed. But, now what? You haven’t told me where to go, and what precisely to do, thereafter. It’s not apparent. It’s not obvious. So, I simply [...]


Traffic. We all want more. Don’t we? No not the kind you sit in, on the freeway, going nowhere fast. The kind that comes to your blog site and pays you a friendly visit. It’s a sought after commodity. And, there’s no shortage of consultants you can hire to tell you how to get it. [...]


There’s too much of interest on the ‘Net. Seriously. If you’re like me, you can spend hours following links, reading and viewing great content. The problem is that this is all at the expense of my productivity. I’m usually a disciplined person, but even I can get carried away with the fascinating twists and turns [...]


Fun. Serious. Informative. Angry. Sad. Extrovert. Confident. Competitive. Creative. What’s the personality of your blog? Its stance. Its behaviour. Its tone. It’s not something that many bloggers have considered much. But if you think of your blog as your prime web asset then maybe you should. After all, who wants to read a light-hearted, fun-poking, [...]